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6 Must Have Firefox Tools for 2012

Written by webmarketer on 5:51 PM

Our Friends from Mozilla made a list of the most common resolutions people make and came up with some ways to help us stay on track for success with these few fantastic add-ons to help us with our goals.

Things to Start:

Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons
Saving Money — Stopping for takeout four times a week can be pricey. If you’d rather opt for home-cooked meals, Grocery List Generator will make sure you don’t forget to pick up that crucial ingredient.

Traveling — You’ve talked about going on a trip so often that it almost feels like you’ve already done it. Get yourself on the road (for real) with TravelScout’s convenient deals and price comparisons.

Learning a New Language (kinda) — Maybe you don’t have time to learn an entire new language this year, but this is almost as good! Use Im Translator to translate foreign language websites and emails into your language.

Things to Stop:

Overeating — Kick your holiday gorging habit with the Calorie Count Toolbar, which logs your caloric intake throughout the day.

Stressing Out — We know you’re busy, but taking a few minutes every hour to stretch and look at something other than a computer screen will do wonders for your stress levels (not to mention your joints). Try out StretchClock for useful reminders!

Smoking — Ready to put down those cigarettes for good? Try using Quitomzilla for incentives right in your browser.

Source: Mozilla

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10 Digger Commandments

Written by webmarketer on 12:06 AM

10 Digger CommandmentsClueless on why your account got banned from Then this list is for you.


1. Thou shalt not double vote from the same computer IP address
Even if your friend is visiting you and is insisting on logging in to his user profile in order to digg your fantastic article, don't let him because your item will soon just vanish from the list of upcoming stories.

2. Thou shalt not post all of thy submissions to Offbeat News
Digg seems to like it when your stories fit into one of the supplied categories. Dumping all of your items into Offbeat News just because they seem quirky to you is a great way to get yourself into trouble.

3. Thou shalt understand that thy Friends have less weight in the digger algorithm than non-friends
There are a lot of ways that the famously secret digg algorithm influences your upcoming stories and affects their placement within the Upcoming Stories pages or on the pages in the category listings. Higher rated diggs may be seen more often in the page listings, and even more so if they aren't all from your same group of friends, but actually have been dugg by a user who voted for it because they liked it.

4. Thou shalt not post too many links with thy digg article in the comments section
Posting a link with a digg article in the comments section of someone's digg may be fine once, if It is relevant. Try it more than once, and you may watch that same article that you had wanted so badly to promote, vanish before your eyes in the Upcoming Story pages and Cloud View.
5. Thou shalt be a valuable and relevant member of thy digger community
If you browse through digg, opening articles and digging them, commenting here and there on interesting articles that move you, adding friends that you like and respect, occasionally burying a story for a real reason - everything is rosy. If however, you start posting low quality content on your user page and begin to post lots of comments everywhere just to see your rants and raves get plastered all over the comments section of someone else's digg rather than actually responding to what you've read- don't plan on hitting the homepage any time soon. Your digger style will be working against you.

6. Thou shalt not digg an item without opening the link and reading the article first
Don't try to run through the page listings, digging everything as you go without opening up the articles and reading them first. The digg computers know you haven't really opened the article, and they may at some point react to your digg vote as an attempt at spamming.

7. Thou shalt not submit duplicate content
When you submit an item, you will see a list asking you to double check to see if this content has been posted. If it has, don't submit your item. If the article or photo has been on digg previously but you think that there is a relevance to showing other readers who may not have seen it, that may be fine. If you are posting a news item from Reuters and it has already been submitted under a Yahoo listing, but with the Reuters syndicated logo on the front page, don't submit, or plan on getting buried and removed from the front page if you somehow get there.

8. Thou shalt not digg only thyself and thy friends
In order to be a relevant community member, you will need to respond to more content other than just your own or your friends stories. If other users don't see you voting, even on the good articles, and you never write quality comments to others, no one will get to know you and it will be hard to get the digger community to digg your stories.

9. Thou shalt not digg too fast
If you open the articles one after the other, and immediately digg them and move on, the digg computers won't like it. There are stories of users who were given the boot because they were told no one could possibly have read so much, so fast. You don't have to read every word, but don't turn into an assembly line without pausing to check the article before you digg it. If the link doesn't work, or there if is a mistake or problem with the item, don't digg it.

10. Thou shalt not use the multiple digg ID approach.
If you are thinking about opening multiple user ID's and using them to vote for each other, save yourself the time, it won't work. You may be able to fool the digger man once, but he will soon catch on to your sins.

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Bad Credit Cards

Written by webmarketer on 10:55 AM

Got a bad credit?? No worries. :)

In today’s expensive world it has almost become a way of our life, having a bad credit is not much of a big deal compared before, and is now considered as a taboo. There are a number of sources available online like that will surely help you to find the best bad credit offers counting personal loans, bad credit credit cards, home loans, auto loans, credit counseling, credit report, credit score, credit cards for bad credit and much more in spite of your adverse credit history.

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